Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Calling

"Here comes the calling"

So, here we go again. I know you all miss me, that's why I come back. What's new about me? I am pretty much the same, finishing my school very soon, works never get any lesser and of course, more handsome. 

Alright, let's start with something as I hope you will waste more time here. Actually, I intended to write something else but then I got lazy (probably will write that up in my next post). Plus, there's something I need to do. I will make it short by telling how I am moving forward in blogging arena. 

Here. This blogger spot, will be a place that I will waste my time writing about something that literally crosses my mind. Music gonna be one of it. What else? People? You want me talk about people? Yeah, maybe I can do that. Relationship? You sure? I swear I don't want to ruin your relationship you know but why not. 

Basically, it would be just anything because it tires me out when I have to be serious five days a week. Don't you get tired too?! So, blogging could be a therapy for me to be more simple, relaxed but I'm sorry my stony-faced is going nowhere. It's gonna be an easy and light reading for you I promise. Feel free to drop your comment also as I expect there would be millions feedback but I will try to read them one by one. See you!

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